Photo Booth


The PLAYHOUSE photo booth

We use an open-air photo booth which means the booth machine is separate from the backdrop. This gives more room for guests, allows more people in the photos, and attracts more attention!

It also means you can choose the backdrop, decorations, and event banners for your photo backgrounds.



We built our photo booth to handle any event. We adjust our lighting, souvenir prints, camera, and touch-screen to suit your needs.


Quality lighting

We adjust the lighting for your event. Soft umbrella light, green screen illumination, or multi-light dramatic effects.


Quality printing

We use a professional dye-sub printer for fast reliable high-quality prints. We print classic 2"x6" strips, 4"x6", 5"x7" or 6"x8" sizes. Sticker paper and premium paper such as metallic or silver pearl are available.

PHOT203 Window 11x14-9703.jpg

Quality Camera

We use Canon DSLRs for reliability and quality image output. This allows the flexibility to handle just about any event you can throw at us.